Once upon a time, summer of 2012 to be exact, there was a TV series called Hollywood Heights (currently airing on TeenNick) that needed songs. Emmy winning TV composer Dominic Messinger started calling his friends to see who might be interested in collaborating and legendary songstress Victoria Shaw, who once cowrote an Emmy winning song with Dominic for One Life To Live, suggested he meet up with Caitlin Evanson who happened to be on a break from her regular gig as singer/violinist/guitarist with The Agency, Taylor Swift’s band.

Together they crafted a handful of songs for HH and then parted ways till the Music Fairies brought them together again in the year 2014 when they suddenly realized they had a lot in common and were magically reborn as CAKE and POP! There was laughter and fun and joy in the land. There was also good food that inspired and fueled tasty tunes and healthy hits. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

Welcome to the Pop Shop!

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